Best Florida Keys Islands

The Paradisiac Island of Florida Keys spans over 125 miles off the southern tip of Florida. There are around 1700 Islands in the Florida Keys. Choosing the best Florida Keys Island to visit among 1700 is undoubtedly tedious. We have made this task easy for you in this article. We picked 7 best Florida Keys islands and provided them with a brief description for our readers. It does not matter if you are looking for Fun Water Sports activities or scenic beaches in Florida Keys Islands; you will find everything below. So take a deep breath and read the complete article to know the best islands in the Florida Keys.

Key Largo

The first name we are introducing you to the list of Florida Keys Island is “Key Largo”. It is a tropical gem where the sun meets the sea. The water sports activities you can enjoy in the Key Largo are Kayaking, Fishing and Swimming. This beautiful Island is home to the largest artificial reef. Coral Reefs on the Island looks like a beautiful painting on the ocean floor with different colours. The air of the Key Largo is filled with the scent of adventure. If you ask me honestly, Key Largo isn’t just an island; it is a story written in swaying palms, colourful marine life, and moments that linger in the memory.

Little Torch Key

Now, we are taking our readers on a Journey to the hidden treasure of the Florida Keys – Little Torch Key. It is located just 28 miles away from Key West. This tiny Island is peaceful where you can relax. When you stroll in its sandy lanes, time feels irrelevant, as if the world beyond was a distant dream.Little Torch Key looks like a canvas painted with colours of seclusion and serenity. Mangrove-lined shores create a sanctuary for quiet introspection. Don’t miss the sunsets on this Island, casting warm colours across the horizon.In this paradise, every step unveils a new chapter of calm, making Little Torch Key a unique place in the heart of the Florida Keys.

The Marquesas Keys

Many confuse this one of the best Key Florida Islands with the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean). The Marquesas Key is a group of uninhabited islands. When you visit this place, you find the beaches very clean and natural.The peculiar thing that attracts visitors to this place is the calm and peaceful ambience. Also, these islands are home to diverse species of birds and sound like a haven for nature enthusiasts. You will find shallow waters at the shore, home to thousands of fish. Beautiful mangrove forests cover the Island, adding charm to the beauty of the Island. 

Key West

Welcome to Key West located at the tip of the Florida Keys. Take a leisurely stroll along Duval Street, where vibrant shops and cafes lures travellers. The sunset you will see at Mallory Square wasn’t just pretty; it felt like a daily party celebrating nature. Exploring Hemingway’s house will make you feel the history of great writers. Key West is a warm, welcoming island that wraps you in stories, flavours, and the timeless charm of island living. Every moment here you spend on this Island is like a page in a happy summer story that never ends.


Located between the saltwater wilderness of Everglades National Park and Florida strait, Islamorada is a village of six islands. This Florida Keys Island is a paradise for those who are searching for a destination for a family vacation. Your family will love to explore this Island. Islamorada is also famous by the other name “Sportfishing capital of the world”. Visit the Theatre of Sea Lagoon if you love watching dolphins, sea lions, fish, sharks, alligators or birds. No matter if you love hiking or want to taste delicious seafood, this island has something to offer everyone.

Little Duck Key

Little Duck Key stands out as the epitome of tranquillity and natural beauty. This Island, often hailed as the “Best Island Florida Keys,” lures visitors with its pristine beaches, palm trees, and diverse marine life. Its charm lies in its secluded atmosphere, offering a serene escape from the bustling world. You can indulge yourself here in water activities, exploring the coral reefs. What makes this Island different from other Florida Keys is its seamless combination of relaxation and excitement, making it a coveted destination for those seeking the ultimate island retreat.

Stock Island

Stock Island is a charming community located in the Florida Keys, just east of Key West. This island was famous for its shipyards and working waterfront. With time, it evolved into a vibrant destination that blends history and modern attractions. You can explore the Stock Island Marina Village, the perfect place for seafood restaurants, art galleries, and a lively atmosphere. Stockisland’s rustic charm is preserved in places like the Stock Island Lobster Company, where the local maritime culture is celebrated. If you are a nature lover, explore the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, making Stock Island one of the best destinations in the Florida Keys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Which of the Florida Keys is the best?Ans. No one can declare just one Island the best in the Florida Keys. It depends on the individual’s choice and interest. In the article, you can check the seven best islands of Florida. You can choose from them that best suits your interests.

Q. What are the main islands in the Florida Keys?Ans. The main Islands in the Florida Keys are Key Largo, Little Torch Key, Key West, The Marquesas Keys, Islamorada, Little Duck Key and Stock Island. Read the complete article to learn more about these islands.

Q. Is Key Largo or Key West better?Ans. It depends on individual preferences in choosing the best Island in Key Largo and Key West. 

Q. Why is Key Largo famous?Ans. Key Largo is famous for its peaceful atmosphere and diving opportunities, including the gorgeous John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It is a paradise for nature lovers with beautiful beaches.