Best Beaches in BarcelonaBest Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous across the globe for various reasons. No matter if you are looking for famous historical places, restaurants or coastal beauty, it offers all. In this article, we are going to cover the 10 best beaches in Barcelona. The city offers around 300 sunny days in a year, which makes it a perfect coastal heaven. Each beach we are going to mention offers something different. Some have a vibrant and buzzing ambiance where you can play ping pong or basketball; others are quiet and peaceful, where you can relax without any sort of disturbance. You will also get to know here lesser-known facts about the best beaches in Barcelona. So take a deep breath and read the complete article if you are planning a trip to Barcelona to explore its coastal beauty. 

Best Beaches in Barcelona

With each beach, you will get additional information like which type of fun activities it offers and why it is famous. Also a few beaches we describe below are specially for those who are planning a Barcelona trip with their family.

1. Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria is one of the best family beaches in Barcelona. Nestled near Parc de la Nova Icaria, this Beach provides various fun activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones. The ambience of the Beach is peaceful. Take a break from your regular life and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The water of the Beach is clear, which means it is feasible for swimming. The sports area is in the vicinity of the Beach. You can play beach volleyball, table tennis and various other games if you are a sports enthusiast.

2. Mar Bella Beach

This Beach is located along the Mediterranean shores and stands out as one of the 10 best beaches in Barcelona. The Beach has golden sands and a vibrant atmosphere, which attracts locals and tourists. Mar Bella offers excellent amenities, including beachfront bars, water sports, and beach clubs. The clear water of the Beach invites swimmers to cool off, while the palm-lined promenade provides a peaceful stroll. Whether sunbathing under clear skies or enjoying the vibrant beach scene, Mar Bella encapsulates the essence of Barcelona’s coastal charm, earning its place among the city’s top beach destinations.

3. Somorrostro Beach

The Beach is situated in the Ciutat Vella district of East Barcellona. It is a popular beach in Barcelona so it is not for you if you are looking for a peaceful sunbath. In the mid-20th century, the Beach was home to around 15000 people. The Beach also got its name in the memory of that settlement. The atmosphere of the Beach is lively and entices travellers from all over the country and outside. In the beach area, you can enjoy volleyball. For fitness enthusiasts, gym equipment is available, and an area is allotted to do exercises.

4. Llevant Beach

Llevant Beach is a prominent inclusion in the list of the best beaches in Barcelona. The Beach invites visitors with its pristine beauty. Located in the northeast of the city, this sandy beach is a tranquil escape from the urban bustle. The Beach has Blue Flag status which ensures clean shores and crystal-clear waters make it perfect for swimming and relaxation. Visitors will get excellent facilities on the beachfront including restaurants and water sports activities. In conclusion Llevant invites both locals and tourists to unleash in its serene embrace and dip in the charm of the Mediterranean.

5. Bogatell Beach

If you are fed up with your regular life and looking for a break, Bogatell Beach is the one you should visit. The Beach is peaceful, which makes it a perfect place for relaxing. You can also consider this Beach one of the best beaches in Barcelona for families. Nestled between Mar Bella and Nova Icaria Beach, Bogatell lies the opposite of the trendy Poblenou neighbourhood. There are many cafes and restaurants to enjoy the delicious seafood. If you are a sports lover, you can play beach football, volleyball, tennis and even basketball.

6. Ocata Beach

Ocata Beach is a prime choice among locals and visitors, which makes us include this Beach among the best beaches in Barcelona for families. Nestled in the El Masnou town, just north of the city, Ocata offers family-friendly fun activities with its soft sands and calm waters. The gradual slope into the sea makes it safe for your children to play. Ocata’s peaceful atmosphere and its proximity to Barcelona make it a perfect escape for those seeking a relaxing day by the Mediterranean.

7. La Ribera Beach

Another name in Barcelona beaches for families. The Beach offers a perfect blend of sun, sea, and family-friendly amenities. The sandy shores surrounding the Beach provide a peaceful atmosphere to visitors. The Beach also has play areas and ice cream parlours ensuring your kids a delightful time. With its accessibility and lively ambience, La Ribera invites families to make lasting memories of Barcelona’s coastal beauty. La Ribera is an ideal place where both young and old can unwind and enjoy the Mediterranean charm.

8. Sant Miguel Beach

It is one of the busiest and oldest beaches in Barcelona. The Beach got its name from the church of Sant Miquel del Port. The services available on the Beach are lifeguard & safety while swimming, beach umbrellas, sports facilities, cafes, restaurants, Wi-Fi, etc. You will get everything in this Beach that you seek in a perfect beach. You can plan a weekend getaway with your loved ones on this Beach for quality time.

9. Sant Sebastia

Sant Sebastia Beach secures its spot with flying colours among the 10 best beaches in Barcelona. What can you expect at the Beach? Well, it offers golden sands and calm waters, making it an ideal spot for travellers to visit. With family, you can relish the serene ambience while kids engage in beachside activities. The Beach’s Blue Flag status ensures cleanliness. Sant Sebastia provides a secure haven to locals and visitors seeking a wholesome coastal escape. The iconic W Hotel adds a touch of modernity to the panoramic view, making this Beach a quintessential family destination in Barcelona.

10. La Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta is the most famous and distinguished Beach in Barcelona. The place has 1100 metres of beach area to enjoy. The best thing is that it is easily accessible. You can easily reach this Beach via metro or bus. The available services in Barceloneta beach are Lifeguard and safety, beach umbrellas, drinks, ice cream kiosks, sports facilities, restaurants and Wi-fi. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best beaches in Barcelona that you must visit to make lifelong memories.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the most famous beach in Barcelona?

Ans.  La Barceloneta is the most famous beach in Barcelona. 

Q. Which beach in Barcelona has the clearest water?

Ans. Sant Sebastia beach has the clearest water in Barcelona.

Q. What are the best beaches from Barcelona by train?

Ans. The time to reach GavĂ , Castelldefels, Garraf and Sitges beaches from the train is about 25 to 45 minutes. You can easily reach these beaches via train.

Q. Where do locals go to the beach in Barcelona?

Ans. It is a choice that varies from person to person. Locals choose the beaches to travel according to the distance of the beaches from their premises. 

Q. What is the biggest beach in Barcelona?

Ans. Barceloneta is the biggest and oldest beach in Barcelona.

Q. Are Barcelona beaches free?

Ans. It depends on which beach you are travelling to. Most beaches are open and free to the public while few are paid.